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"My child has come so far and learned so much..."

My name is Ally and my two children, Nicholas (13) and Mandy (6), have been training with Buck since the summer of 2011. It was right around this time that my oldest got diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, Sensory Disorder, and ADHD and I was looking for a way to help him and learn teamwork and discipline, as well as self-defense skills. Nicholas was a loud, tantrum-throwing, unfocused 9 year old when Buck and him started working together. In the 3.5 years that have passed, my child has come so far and learned so much. He has learned how to focus on a task at hand. How to take a punch as well as he can throw one. How to assist Master Buck is highest ranking student currently studying at the dojo. But most importantly, my son has learned how to believe in himself, and never give up.

"...to a blossoming, brave young man."

Connor Lewis has made remarkable improvements in the past 3 years that he has been working with Master Buck at Revolutionary Arts & Fitness. He has progressed from being a timid little boy afraid of the dark, showering, and afraid of dogs to a blossoming, brave young man. He worked hard at earning his blue belt as he struggled with memorizing his forms with other taekwondo instructors but works very well with Master Buck. Master Buck is a true mentor, wonderful role model, and excellent teacher. He spends a lot of individual time with Connor to teach him essential life skills that will be necessary for Connor to become a responsible young man.

From Shamrock Pre School

Sometimes wonderful people come into our lives when we're least expecting it. I met an absolute gem in our community, by accident, four years ago, dropping off a child-crafted thank you poster to Revolutionary Martial Arts. I caught Master Buck Buckmaster in a rare free moment. He agreed to start teaching Tae Kwon Do to our preschoolers once a week.

Another Wonderful Thank You From A Property Manager

Dear Buck, 

I want to thank you for taking time to visit our apartment community and for the wonderful demonstration you gave to our senior residents.  I've received very positive feedback from the residents that attended.  Your informative speech, along with the self defense techniques you demonstrated were very well received by our residents.  I felt that you spoke to each resident on their level and the personal stories that you shared were appreciated.  Your passion and skill for your art was evident.

Thank you and I hope that you will visit us again in the future.

Property Manager
Rotonda Lakes Apartments

"An Extremely Positive Influence..."

RMA has been an extremely positive influence in my son's life.  He has become a respectful, courteous and confident young man.  He has learned perseverance and self-control -- all under difficult circumstances.  His school grades have improved and I have received compliments on his behavior and positive attitude as he is always willing to help.

Maria Wilson

Great Recommendation From Beall's of South Venice

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recommend Revolutionary Martial Arts to your organization.  Revolutionary Martial Arts performed at our Back-to-School event.  The demonstration lasted approximately 20-25 minutes and was a big success with our customers.

Buck, director of Revolutionary Martial Arts, is an exemplary contribution to our community.  His commitment to community out-reach, and his ability to teach a variety of ages the benefits of discipline and self-protection recommend him highly.  He is a professional, whose commitment to the community is indeed admirable.

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