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Master Buck

How I got Started on this Amazing Journey

I was a single father raising two awesome children, Candace and Brian.  They were involved in the normal sports, baseball, soccer, dance and music.  I always enjoyed attending their events.  I wanted to be a part of their lives.  Since I attended all of their events, I was constantly asked to be a coach.  I was honored, however, I turned them down.  I wanted to be a part of my children's lives but not thirty other kids.

One day I decided to do something for myself that I could do during the day.  I joined a Martial Arts school called "Side Kicks".  While I was there filling out my paperwork, the instructor, "Master Brian" told me they offered a family plan, so I asked about it.  He said, "Well, you could do classes with your children." Really, I had never thought of it.  I signed them up and for the next four years we went to martial arts every day!  What a way to bond with your children.

Twenty years later, after continuing to go to Martial Arts, I received my 5th degree Black Belt.  At this point, my children were in college.  I had owned a few restaurants and bars and wanted a change.  Unfortunately, during this time, my mother who was 69 years old, was attacked, beaten and robbed while working at a Mobil gas station.  The man who attacked her was high on drugs and did all of this over a pack of cigarettes.  They caught him and he is doing 15 years in prison.  Shortly after his conviction, my mother passed away.  On her deathbed, she told me this, "Please promise me you will not seek revenge on my attacker."  As I swore my promise to my mother, it opened my eyes.

I decided to open a school of Martial Arts to help Senior Citizens.  I started a class called "Extreme Cane" to teach seniors not to become victims.  As I was opening the school, I also recalled how I personally started Martial Arts and how much I enjoyed working out with my children.  I then decided to start a Children's class and a Family class.  

I am so committed to helping the Community and bringing awareness of the dangers that we can face as well as protecting others from becoming victims.  I was born and raised in this area, I feel connected to my community and understand what it is like to need help.  This is what Revolutionary Martial Arts is all about!

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