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Nancy Dellamura

Nancy Dellamura

nancySpecializing in the adult beginner student at Revolutionary Martial Arts, Sifu Nancy J. Dellamura is a Certified Instructor of Tai Chi Ch’uan (Traditional Yang Style and Modified Sun Style Tai Chi for Arthritis), as well as Traditional Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Meditation. She has practiced Ti Chi for over 20 years, taught for 19 years, and has won numerous awards in Tai Chi Tournament Competition.

Nancy was a State Finalist in the Forms Division of the Florida Association of Martial Exhibitioners (FAME) and was recognized as the # 3 competitor in the State of Florida. She placed 3rd in Yang Style Tai Chi at the U.S. Open International Martial Arts Championship & while at the World Kung Fu Competition, she placed 6th in the Women’s Tai Chi Broadsword division. Most impressive, Ms. Dellamura placed 2nd in Restricted Step Push Hands and 3rd in Tai Chi Straight Sword at the United World Kung-Fu/Wushu Championships.

She studied under several masters, including Master Yang, Xio Yuan, of Chengdu, China, Nancy believes that the cultivation of Tai Chi is a life-long endeavour. She regularly attends seminars & workshops with internationally known masters, such as Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming & Dr. Paul Lam.


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