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Bill Cabana

Bill Cabana

billSifu Bill Cabana has been involved with the Martial Arts since 1970 and has been working with a cane since 2010. He was instrumental in the development of a proactive style of personal protection using a cane and known as Tai Zhang Dao (TZD.

With some physical disabilities caused from aging which prevented him from the normal style of martial arts, he turned to the form of Tai Chi Cane commonly known as "Cane Fu." From there he modified the style of Cane Fu training to accommodate his physical limitations, ease of learning, and added Bruce Lee's "offensive defense" proactive aspect to it to differentiate it from other self-defense forms which were "reactive" in practice.

TZD incorporates the principles of Tai Chi and how to move in a flowing manner to maximize the power of the strokes with each movement. It also borrows some techniques and theory from other styles and sources that enhance its capabilities.

Originally, the course was developed to help seniors and travelers with similar physical restrictions due to aging, but in doing so made it even easier for people without those limitations to do quite well with it.

Having studied under Grand Master Wei Lun Huang of Miami, FL, and Master Buck Buckmaster he has gained an insight of how Tai Chi and internal martial arts can be applied to TZD to make it more effective and now incorporates these concepts into his courses.

In Venice, he gives private Tai Zhang Dao (TZD) lessons to local students at the RMA Dojo. When on extended cruises on board the Holland America ships he works with some of the passengers and crew training them in the TZD style.


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