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About RMA

Questions to Ask when Qualifying a School

  1. Are all of your Instructors Certified?
  2. Do they have their Contract license (Background check)?
  3. How many students are in a class?
  4. How many Instructors per Student ratio?
  5. How many classes are you allowed to attend?
  6. What are your individual Fees (i.e.: testing, books, etc.)
  7. Do your students and the school compete in tournaments?
  8. Do you offer sparring?  If so, how often?
  9. Do you offer weapons training?  If so, which weapons?
  10. Do you offer a free class to attend?

Why Choose Revolutionary Martial Arts & Fitness (RMA) over other Schools

Master Buck teaches all of the classes.  He also works with and in five schools in the area. We are Licensed Two Contractors, which means we have been finger-printed and have had background checks performed. Licensed Two Contractors are able to work in schools, police departments and on military bases.  Our classes are all monitored by surveillance cameras for the protection and safety of all of our students and families.

RMA offers classes for $135 - $440 per month. We have a plan to fit your goals and budget.

When you sign up for classes, we lock in your tuition rate.  Fees include: testing fees, books, first uniforms, and Pizza & Movie Night (once per month).  The only time your tuition rate will increase is when you reach Black Belt or if you choose to add the weapons program to your curriculum.


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