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Our “Bully Proofing” Program

Do you remember the ridicule and “hazing” of the school yard? 

Well in today’s schools, these innocent “lessons in life” have escalated OUT OF CONTROL!

Nearly every week we are reading stories in the paper or on the nightly news about another student bringing a weapon to school, or attacking another student!

We have the RESPONSIBILITY to STOP THE MADNESS, and PROTECT our children!

Our “Bully Proofing” program will teach your child:

  • The 3 Secrets to Defusing the Bully Situation
  • How to Walk Away with Confidence
  • How to Defeat the Bully Without Ever Throwing a Punch or a Kick

Call or visit our school today.  Ask about our free beginner’s course!

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From Our Clients

…especially gifted in dealing with special needs students.

Sometimes wonderful people come into our lives when we’re least expecting it. I met an absolute gem in our community, by accident, four years ago, dropping off a child-crafted thank you poster to Revolutionary Martial Arts. I caught Master Buck Buckmaster in a rare free moment. He agreed to start teaching Tae Kwon Do to… Read more “…especially gifted in dealing with special needs students.”

Deborah Whitham
Shamrock Pre School
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