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What Students & Parents Have To Say About RMA

Featured What Students & Parents Have To Say About RMA
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Master Buck:

I met you last Thursday during my son Aiden Cary’s Little Ninja class. I want to say thank you for having him in your class. As parents it is nice to have a 3rd party helping reinforce the life skills and values we teach our children about every day at home. He loves your class and talks about it every day, so I just wanted to say thank you. I have never seen him so energized to clean up around the house, he even asks us to time him!Best Regards,

Matthew Cary


I can honestly say that Master Buck is performing miracles!  Luke and Noah have come so far in just 3 months!

Rebecca Atwell


My child has come so far in the year he has been at Revolutionary Martial Arts & Fitness!  His self-confidence has improved, his attitude has gotten better and he has become more physically fit!  I have been taking Aerobic Kick Boxing there for only 4 months and can see wonderful changes in myself too!  Thanks Master Buck!

Holly Coleman


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