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Tae Kwon Do - Adults

Using the Arms & Hands

Use your fingers and thumbs to jab the attacker anywhere in the face, concentrating on the eyes and nose. Use your arms and elbows to cause pain to your attacker by striking the throat, groin or chest. Your goal is to hurt the attacker and not get hurt. Use a claw grip and dig your fingers into the attacker’s eyes. Or, try to place your hands on both sides of his face and shove your thumbs into his eyes. If you can’t reach the eyes, try for the neck and aim for the Adam’s apple with as much power as you have.

Another good maneuver is an open-palm strike. Use your dominant and strongest hand, with your other one by your side, and strike the assailant under the chin, turning that same side of the body toward the other person for more power. Don’t hold back once you begin the motion.

Resisting the Choke Hold

Many attackers like to put their victims in choke holds to render them incapable of fighting back. Don’t panic; there are ways you can get out of this position. Raise your arms over your head while turning. As you turn, bend one elbow and come down over the aggressor’s arms, pulling the attacker close to your body and trapping him. With the other hand, go for his face and aim for the eyes, nose or throat.

If you aren’t able to break free with your arms, use your legs. Lift one leg by bending from the knee and kick his knee as hard as you can. This can make him break his grip and fall.

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