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Senior Self Defense

Senior citizens are often targeted for crimes. Many of these crimes are non-violent, but some can be avoided or prevented with the use of basic self-defence techniques. Some of the techniques require the use of a weapon or cane, but for others, you’ll only need your body. If your life is in danger, or you feel that it may be, you have the right to defend yourself.

Cane Defense

Some seniors consider their canes crutches, but others call it their self-defense. “A lot of people don’t realize that you can stop many attacks just by knowing how to swing a cane,” TZD instructor Buck says. Extreme Cane is a technique of self-defense taught by the founder of Tai Zhang Dao. There are numerous moves you can do with the cane, such as using it to whack the attacker’s side or the back of your attacker’s knee. You can also use it to hit the aggressor in the groin or rib-cage, which will buy some time to get away.



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