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Your No-Risk Guarantee

I, representing the instructors and staff at Revolutionary Martial Arts & Fitness, hereby promise to refund as much as 100% of your tuition during your 30-day introductory training period, if you are not completely satisfied that: 

  • The staff is always professional, courteous and willing to help you or your child learn the material needed for advancement.
  • Or our program is not appropriate for you or your child, in terms of age, gender or physical agility.

As the owner of this school, it is important to me that you receive and recognize the benefits of your training. My greatest responsibility is to provide you with the highest quality instruction that always exceeds your expectations.

Revolutionary Martial Arts & Fitness can make this No-Risk Guarantee because they have an outstanding record of successfully training many students who live in this community. Our instructors have the professional education and years of experience to know how to teach students, individually, in a classroom setting—and according to the specifics goals of their training. 

I am always available to discuss your training, your concerns and suggestions. My entire staff and I want to make sure that you enjoy your training as a student as you also grow and succeed as a person.

As a member of the National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA), Revolutionary Martial Arts & Fitness  promotes and strives for the highest standards of age-appropriate curriculum, leadership training, child safety and security, business integrity and professional ethics.


Master Buck


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