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Tae Kwon Do - Adults

Using the Arms & Hands

Use your fingers and thumbs to jab the attacker anywhere in the face, concentrating on the eyes and nose. Use your arms and elbows to cause pain to your attacker by striking the throat, groin or chest. Your goal is to hurt the attacker and not get hurt. Use a claw grip and dig your fingers into the attacker’s eyes. Or, try to place your hands on both sides of his face and shove your thumbs into his eyes. If you can’t reach the eyes, try for the neck and aim for the Adam’s apple with as much power as you have.

Another good maneuver is an open-palm strike. Use your dominant and strongest hand, with your other one by your side, and strike the assailant under the chin, turning that same side of the body toward the other person for more power. Don’t hold back once you begin the motion.

Resisting the Choke Hold

Many attackers like to put their victims in choke holds to render them incapable of fighting back. Don’t panic; there are ways you can get out of this position. Raise your arms over your head while turning. As you turn, bend one elbow and come down over the aggressor’s arms, pulling the attacker close to your body and trapping him. With the other hand, go for his face and aim for the eyes, nose or throat.

If you aren’t able to break free with your arms, use your legs. Lift one leg by bending from the knee and kick his knee as hard as you can. This can make him break his grip and fall.

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Family Classes / Training

Depositphotos 28333059 s 2015Family classes are an affordable option that promotes family bonding through quality time and personal growth. You do not have to sit on the bleachers or coach a team. With RMAs family classes, you can have fun with your family.

RMA offers family discounts; if your family has two members paying for classes / training, the rest of the family is free.  Our class sizes are small reflecting our Private school atmosphere.  We do not exceed a class limit of more than 12 (twelve) students at any one time.  We take pride in working with individuals to help them reach their needs and goals.

When you sign up for classes, we lock in your tuition rate.  Fees include: testing fees, books, first uniforms, and Pizza & Movie Night (once per month).  The only time your tuition will increase is if you reach Black Belt or if you choose to go into the Leadership Program and adding weapons to your curriculum.


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Carry Concealed Weapons Class

Revolutioary Martial Arts is now offering a 4-Part CCW Course for $100 (Includes range time)

Classes are held on the 3rd Saturday of the Month from 11:00am - 2:30pm
2141 S. Tamiami Trl. Venice, FL 34293

This basic course certification includes

  1. Personal Protection in Homelogo
  2. Personal Protection Outside Home
  3. Home Fire Arm Safety
  4. Basic Pistol


For questions call Paul De Clark or call Buck Buckmaster at 941-525-3389 

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Tai Zhang DAO (The Extreme Cane)

cane fu

Free Introductory Class – Act Now

Learn the oriental art of using an ordinary walking cane for protection and self-defense. Ideal for men or women of all ages.

In addition to self-defense skills, participants will:

  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve balance
  • Improve reflexes
  • Improve motor skills
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Develop strength
  • Enjoy cardio workouts

Time: Monday, Tuesday, Friday
8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

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Little Warriors

Give Your Child the Advantage of Getting a Head Start in Life.

The Little Warriors program is for children ages 3-6 years old. The benefit of teaching children at this age is that they will absorb whatever you teach them. We work on teaching them Respect, Balance, Keeping their hands to themselves, Focus, Self Esteem and Confidence.

We do this by working in small class room settings of 5-6 children at a time to retain maximum focus and retention.



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Tae Kwon Do 13-18yrs

Children and Moo Sool Do

The martial arts offer a multitude of benefits to children. The areas of Martial Arts promote excellent physical conditioning, mental and emotional development and the child’s awareness of his/her spiritual self. And for those whose dream is to someday compete in the World Olympic Games, Tae Kwon Do is a means of fulfilling that dream.

Good Physical conditioning is extremely important for children, providing a good foundation for future health. Martial Arts practice involves vigorous exercise, conditioning the heart, lungs, muscles and ligaments, and strengthening the bones. The techniques require precision and speed, increasing fine and gross motor control, eye-hand (and foot) coordination and sharpening the reflexes. Martial Arts also stresses proper breathing and relaxation techniques that will benefit the child throughout his lifetime.

The mental and spiritual benefits are more difficult to categorize, but we will attempt to do so here for the purpose of illustration, realizing that they overlap to a great degree. Mental development includes mental discipline, increased knowledge, and self-control. Mental discipline involves the ability to concentrate on the objective, to focus completely on the execution of a technique or task, and to block our irrelevant or distracting perceptions. Increased knowledge is gained by absorbing information, applying it in carious ways, experiencing the ways the body and mind can work, and understanding his/her own capabilities. (The testing requirements for rank include written and/or oral responses to questions concerning various aspects of the martial arts and applications to his/her life.) Much of the codes of behavior and the philosophy of the martial arts is applicable to life in general, whether or not one becomes a martial artist.

Self-control is developed in several areas. The child learns to control his/her body and mind in the ways described above. He also learns to control his emotions. He is taught how and when it is appropriate to express anger, disappointment, resentment or fear, and how to control himself until that time. By obeying the rules and regulations, and following the class protocol he learns to respect others and to respect himself, how to earn respect and how to respond to it. When the child behaves in a way that is inappropriate he/she is corrected. Disciplinary measures range from verbal correction to physical exercise (push-ups, etc.) or as a last resort, suspension. The child learns to accept discipline from others and to discipline himself.

Other emotional benefits include self-confidence, pride in his/her ability to learn and perform the techniques and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with achieving the next belt level. There is also the comfort the child gains from knowing how to defend him/herself against attack. The world can be a frightening place for children and they frequently feel helpless to control what happens to them. Children trained in the martial arts are less intimidated by schoolyard bullies, less frightened of strangers and more confident in their relationships with others. A confident child is less apt to be a target for abuse from other children or from those maladjusted adults who prey on children to begin with.

This brings us to the area of spiritual development. Spiritual is not meant in a religious sense, but in the sense of the child’s relationship to his world, both inner and outer. Children learn that they are more than a mind in a body, that they can reach into themselves and bring our resources they didn’t know they had. They learn that fighting skill is not meant to give them the power to destroy, but to avoid destruction, that with power comes the responsibility for its use. They learn to view those who offend them with compassion, to respond to physical attack in ways that do as little harm to the attacker as possible and that the highest goal is not to outfight an opponent, but to avoid fighting at all. All of these benefits, physical, mental and spiritual are to be desired by anyone, in any lifestyle. Revolutionary Martial Arts is one system that encompasses them all.


First of all, parents gave you life and without them you would not be here. Children should obey their parents because they are trying to teach you lessons that will make you more capable of taking care of yourself. Sometime parent may have you do things that don’t seem to be helping you, but you are only thinking of what you are doing, not what you are learning. In order to learn all that you can from your parents, you must obey them without hesitation, without question. Your parents are older and wiser than you because they have experienced most of life. Obey your parents, listen to them because they care about you and want the best for you.

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Family Discounts For Classes / Training

RMA offers family discounts; if your family has two members paying for classes / training, the rest of the family is free.  Our class sizes are small reflecting our Private school atmosphere.  We do not exceed a class limit of more than 12 (twelve) students at any one time.  We take pride in working with individuals to help them reach their needs and goals.

When you sign up for classes, we lock in your tuition rate.  Fees include: testing fees, books, first uniforms, and Pizza & Movie Night (once per month).  The only time your tuition rate will increase is when you reach Black Belt or if you choose to add the weapons program to your curriculum.


Leadership Program


Develop and Fine Tune Skills of: Self-Discipline, Integrity, Respect & Focus

What is the Leadership Program? This program has a few extra Novelties to give students knowledge to heighten their skills with weapons. We are one of the only schools in town that teaches a variety of weapons.

The Students also receive a special white and red uniform with their name embroidered on it. Students will receive a bottled water per day and (if age appropriate) will receive Free admission to Pizza and Movie Night once a month. There will be no Testing Fees.

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