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Family Classes

Family Classes / Training

Depositphotos 28333059 s 2015Family classes are an affordable option that promotes family bonding through quality time and personal growth. You do not have to sit on the bleachers or coach a team. With RMAs family classes, you can have fun with your family.

RMA offers family discounts; if your family has two members paying for classes / training, the rest of the family is free.  Our class sizes are small reflecting our Private school atmosphere.  We do not exceed a class limit of more than 12 (twelve) students at any one time.  We take pride in working with individuals to help them reach their needs and goals.

When you sign up for classes, we lock in your tuition rate.  Fees include: testing fees, books, first uniforms, and Pizza & Movie Night (once per month).  The only time your tuition will increase is if you reach Black Belt or if you choose to go into the Leadership Program and adding weapons to your curriculum.


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