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Preparing for Summer – School’s Out!

camp boySpring is here and it is almost time to start considering where to take your children during the summer. Some families vacation the whole summer through while others are not so fortunate and have to work all summer long! These families may be considering daycare, sports and/or continuing education at a summer school program. In recent studies, Summer Camp is one of the better choices for children in between the school year. 

Health Benefits of Martial Arts - Part 1

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People everywhere want to be healthy for many reasons, the most obvious is to live longer and tol ook and feel better. With so many different ways to achieve our goals physically, how do we know which regimens are right for us?Martial Arts offers both physical andmental disciplines to assist you with your goals. Martial arts have evolved over the years and has many health benefits. There are many styles of martial arts and each has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and they all have several benefits in common.

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