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Patriotism the RMA Way

rmawayJuly 4th marked our country's freedoms and independence and the occasion to celebrate the heroes that dedicated themselves to defending our nation. I thought it fitting that we look at the clear connection that exists between patriotism and the Martial Arts.

Patriotism is often thought of as devotion, loyalty, service, and ultimately defense for one’s country. Patriots are very proud and display strong beliefs just as students and teachers of the Martial Arts. Patriotism is deeply rooted in our country’s history and Martial Arts has been practiced for many centuries. The rich virtues of patriotism can directly relate and apply to our daily lives through the study of Martial Arts. The best parallel is in the defense of oneself and one’s belief system. This is unconditional and of the utmost importance because we cannot defend others, our country, or our principles if we are unable to defend ourselves. Those who study Martial Arts display the same ideology as they are proud to be a part of a distinct “community” devoted to self-respect, self-defense, and honor.

rmalogoAt Revolutionary Martial Arts, we train self-defense techniques to ensure confidence and strength in everyday situations including those which may be potentially life threatening. Just as a patriotic warrior who learns to develop and apply self-control, concentration, and awareness, my students learn these qualities through respect for themselves and others along with a structured self-defense training program.
Learn to be your own patriot!

Be Safe and Travel in Peace,

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