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Part 4 - Self-Defense Precautions

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The best way to defend yourself is to take precautions that will minimize the probability of an attack. Self-defense techniques are movements to be used to repel an attack. Self-defense, in its entirety, encompasses a state of mental and physical preparedness. This essay will focus on precautions and being prepared.

Martial arts were developed as fighting systems during war. War forces you to be always on defense. The samurai lived under the notion that every second may be his last as the enemy’s sword was always ready to strike. Constant battle brings you to a state of ultra-alertness.

Self-defense precautions in your neighborhood include knowing your neighbors. What kinds of people live in your neighborhood? Are they law-abiding citizens? Also, you should know who belongs and who doesn’t. If you know your neighborhood and neighbors, then you will have support.

Self-defense precautions at work and in public places include knowing the area you are in. For example, the incidence of crime is higher in some areas than in others. If you have to work in or visit high crime areas, you must be alert. Also, there is strength in numbers. Sometimes it is wise to have a companion, especially in bad areas or at night.

Leaving or going to your car and house are vulnerable times. This is especially true if you are carrying packages. It is helpful to always have your keys ready in hand. The keys in hand will allow you to open the door of your car or house quickly. Also, key can be used as weapons.

Personal self-defense precautions involve three areas: mind, body and spirit. Develop your mental capacities and senses. Hearing, seeing and awareness will allow you to be alert to possible attacks. You should never be surprised. Keep yourself in top physical condition so that you can handle any adversity. Be confident and project an aura of assuredness. Project strength of character. Positive thinking leads to positive energy which leads to positive action. If you project an image of strength, this will decrease your likelihood of being attacked. Research has demonstrated this to be true. Weakness of mind, body and spirit increases your vulnerability. Predators always prey on the sick, the young, the old or the weak. Don’t give the vultures any signals that you are easy prey.

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