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Part 3 - The The Psychology of an Attacker

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This essay will focus on the psychology of an attacker who commits the act of assault and battery, robbery or rape. Assault and battery involves beating with the hands, feet and/or weapons. Robbery involves commanding money and/or other valuables and threatening bodily harm upon refusal. Rape involves forced sexual activity and sometimes is accompanied by assault and battery. This essay is concerned with women’s self-defense against men, so the profiles will be of male attackers.

A man who assaults and batters a woman usually does so during a fit of uncontrolled anger. Frequently, the violent act follows a heated argument and the argument may be with a spouse. Wife abuse is a very serious problem in the United States. But beatings are not only outgrowths of uncivilized anger; they can stem from a man’s insecurities and needs to dominate.

Dominance/submission is a facet of male/female communication that is part of the natural attraction between men and women. However, sometimes the mind becomes twisted. A man may feel it necessary to beat a woman for the perceived infidelity or for love that is lost. Or he may batter a woman to force an agreement. A loving relationship may be wonderful, but a woman should never feel that beatings are part of the bond.

Rapists usually have a distorted understanding of dominance/submission. A rapist will demand sexual activity and force it if there isn’t swift compliance. The rapist wants the sex and wants it without any emotional involvement. No man has the right to violate a woman’s body but rape still occurs. Some rapists enjoy physically abusing their victims as part of the sec act and these types of individuals are extremely dangerous. Usually these individuals act out, in the present, against bad experiences with women in their past.

A robber or thief wants your money and/or valuables. Usually, the thief is nervous for fear of getting caught. The robber may have a gun or knife to deter you from refusing. Most likely, the thief doesn’t want to hurt you because this will make his crime more severe. Nevertheless, the robber is nervous and desperate and desperate people cannot be trusted.

How a woman should handle the previously described situations deserves serious consideration. Should a woman fight back and refuse to accept a man’s control? Should a woman value her money and/or dignity more than her life? Should a woman allow a man to violate her body to avoid harm? These are all serious questions that every woman must answer for herself.

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