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Part 1 - The Value of Self-Defense Training

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Master Sun Hwan Ching has said the following on many occasions, “If you only need to use your self-defense training to save your life one time, it is worth the time spent training.”

Learning self-defense techniques can give you confidence and power – the power to be in control during a life-threatening situation. Self-defense training should improve concentration, focus, self-control, awareness and perception. In addition, physical fitness should be a by-product of training. Self-defense training should train the mind, body and spirit, all of which are vital for surviving a life-threatening situation.

For most people, self-defense situations never occur. Nevertheless, modern-day society is full of all types of peril. Muggings, theft, rape, murder and accidents are examples of the ever present threats to our safety. For some people, like those in violent neighborhoods, these threats to safety are omnipresent and the environment dictates alertness.

However, for the majority of Americans life has some degree of safety and security. Most people feel safe in their own home. (If you don’t, move out!) Going out to dinner, a movie or shopping is usually not life threatening. The police give some people a feeling of security as do friends and family.

Because most people choose to live freely and feel safe, many are not prepared to handle threats or attacks. They have either never thought about the possibility, or they have dismissed the importance. Other people are extremely afraid of going out in public for fear of being attacked. It makes sense, no matter who you are, to realize that danger is as much a part of life as is safety. Take precautions to maximize safety and minimize danger. Self-defense is such a precaution. It can prove to be very useful.

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