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Part 1 - The Value of Self-Defense Training

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Master Sun Hwan Ching has said the following on many occasions, “If you only need to use your self-defense training to save your life one time, it is worth the time spent training.”

Learning self-defense techniques can give you confidence and power – the power to be in control during a life-threatening situation. Self-defense training should improve concentration, focus, self-control, awareness and perception. In addition, physical fitness should be a by-product of training. Self-defense training should train the mind, body and spirit, all of which are vital for surviving a life-threatening situation.

Part 2 - Is Tae Kwon Do Really Useful as a Means of Self-Defense


Yes. Although Tae Kwon Do skills take longer to attain than it would take to acquire a gun, knife or club, they relieve one of the necessities of carrying anything at all. Also, your hands and feet are legal, you need no permit to carry them. Below are several examples of how you might use Tae Kwon Do for self-defense.

Part 3 - The The Psychology of an Attacker

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This essay will focus on the psychology of an attacker who commits the act of assault and battery, robbery or rape. Assault and battery involves beating with the hands, feet and/or weapons. Robbery involves commanding money and/or other valuables and threatening bodily harm upon refusal. Rape involves forced sexual activity and sometimes is accompanied by assault and battery. This essay is concerned with women’s self-defense against men, so the profiles will be of male attackers.

Part 4 - Self-Defense Precautions

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The best way to defend yourself is to take precautions that will minimize the probability of an attack. Self-defense techniques are movements to be used to repel an attack. Self-defense, in its entirety, encompasses a state of mental and physical preparedness. This essay will focus on precautions and being prepared.

Martial arts were developed as fighting systems during war. War forces you to be always on defense. The samurai lived under the notion that every second may be his last as the enemy’s sword was always ready to strike. Constant battle brings you to a state of ultra-alertness.

Part 5 - Women's Self-Defense

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Self-defense is the ability of a person to handle situations that are life-threatening. The most common situations women face is assault, robbery and rape. To face these potentially hazardous situations and survive will depend on many factors. The things that a woman must consider are: techniques, courage, awareness, precautions, physical fitness and self-control.

Part 6 - It's Time To Protect Ourselves, Especially Seniors!

master buckBuck Buckmaster is the owner of Revolutionary Martial Arts in Venice, Florida. I met Buck at our offices over a year ago because he wanted to develop a new website for his company. I have gotten to know Buck rather well. He is one of the most passionate men that I know who really believes in what he does to help people of all different ages learn the Martial Arts.

Patriotism the RMA Way

rmawayJuly 4th marked our country's freedoms and independence and the occasion to celebrate the heroes that dedicated themselves to defending our nation. I thought it fitting that we look at the clear connection that exists between patriotism and the Martial Arts.

Back To School... Be Prepared The RMA Way!

education 908512 640First, check out your school’s website! You’ll find information on school supplies and “Back to School Night.” Go to sarasotacountyschools.net click on your type of school (elementary, middle, high school), then click on your school’s name from the drop down list. Your school’s website will give you valuable information to get prepared for the 2016-2017 school year!

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